Welcome to Scarlet Blade Vendetta
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [26/04/2018]
Status: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Mystery Box items have been updated with a newly rotated set. Thank you...Read More
[Week 92] Mystery Box - [26/04/2018]
This week's mystery box! The following items may be obtained inside of it:   Bathing Suits! All Classes! Comes in 6 colors! ...Read More
Maintenance Tomorrow - [25/04/2018]
Hey guys, Vivi won't be around again today so we're pushing the maintenance to tomorrow again. Sorry for the inconvenience! ...Read More
Forum Sign-Up Fixed - [25/04/2018]
Hey everyone, The Sign-Up on the forums has now been fixed. You can now sign up a new account without any issues. Thanks! ...Read More
Double Ranking Reset - [12/04/2018]
For this week, till the next maintenance, the ranking points will reset twice per day! The reset times should be 1am and 1pm server time every day now.   This will ...Read More