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Maintenance Tomorrow - [22/08/2017]
Hey Guys, I am all tied up with the Twin Saga situation and Vivi has some IRL errands to run so we've decided to push Maintenance to tomorrow this week. Sorry! ...Read More
[RE-OPENED]Ticket System - [18/08/2017]
Hey Guys, The ticket system is currently disabled and will remain disabled until Monday next week. If you have to contact a GM please wait till then any threads opened that ...Read More
Grand PvP Tournée - [11/08/2017]
Dear, Rg and Fk players. after a long wait We(Scorpion,extinct) have finally found the best way to host an PvP event as to it being fair and not too hard. This will be a first P...Read More
Wiped Tickets - [17/08/2017]
Due to reaching the maximum amount of tickets we can handle, and most of them being spam tickets or useless tickets, we have decided to wipe all existing tickets. If you had...Read More
Chatbox Disabled - [17/08/2017]
Just to make the message Bash had posted a bit more clear to all other games, we have decided to disable the chatbox for the time being to avoid useless spam comments and avoid ...Read More