Welcome to Scarlet Blade Vendetta
VGN Official Discord - [21/02/2019]
Hey guys! Sorry for all the delay, the vgn discord is ready and you can join it using this link  https://discord.gg/SbyMBcN Please make sure to read the information cha...Read More
CDN Issues - [20/02/2019]
Hey all, Our CDN is having some issues right now. If you experience any issues with downloading our clients or using our launchers then please keep trying. You will connect ...Read More
Pet Chat! - [15/02/2019]
We looking for some community input and it could win you a prize! With the new pets that are in the game (and more to come), we need some new chat for them!   R...Read More
Open Faction Change - [12/02/2019]
Since it's been requested so much, we'll give it to you.   There will be an open faction change done with this maintenance. You must follow the requirements in this...Read More
Patch v113 - [14/02/2019]
General Changes: All skill stones should now go into your general bag rather then AP bag Reverted the loading screens back to their original pictures Gamma P...Read More