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Patch Work Delays - [15/01/2019]
Hey all, I'm having to delay all patch work for a week (or so) whilst I work for a while IRL. I am sorry about this I didn't anticipate to be returning back to work so soon ...Read More
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [17/01/2019]
Status: ONLINE Servers are now back online, Mystery Boxes have been updated. Thank you for your patience.   ...Read More
New year week event? - [31/12/2018]
Hello Arkanas,  HAPPY NEW YEAR  So as the title says, yes you read it correctly, Santa came with new year and brings a week full of events.  With event starting o...Read More
Bringing Back Old Events! - [07/01/2019]
I am currently working on bringing back some of the events that we had on ASB. Things like Monster Spawn, Balls, etc. Please let me know what kind other events you can remem...Read More
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [10/01/2019]
Status: ONLINE Servers are now back online! Mystery Boxes have been updated! We apologise but the patch for today has been delayed due to Vivi's absense. I hope...Read More