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Last Man Posting: [CLOSED] - [13/08/2018]
Hello everyone, I am hosting a very simple forum event, there can only be one winner.  I will create a forum thread that will be closed at a specific time, the last player ...Read More
Updated Starter Pack - [17/08/2018]
With patch v103, I have decided to update the starter pack with a more well rounded set of items.   The following items can be obtained from this starter pack: ...Read More
Patch v103 - [17/08/2018]
This is a patch that's more geared towards helping lower levels progress and to help those struggling to progress.   Stack Changes: Increased the stack count to 25...Read More
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [17/08/2018]
Status: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Mystery Box items have been updated with a newly rotated set. With this...Read More
[Week 106] Mystery Box - [17/08/2018]
This week's mystery box! The following items may be obtained inside of it:   Angelic School Girl   ~~~~ Sailor School Girl   ~~~~ ...Read More