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Delayed Maintenance - October 25, 2016
Hey everyone,     I hate to say it, but we will be delaying maintenance till this Thursday.   The reason behind the delay is that Bash wants to get and up...Read More
Bash's Absence - October 1, 2016
Hey everyone,   I thought I'd give a little explanation as to why Bash has not been around for the last few days. His PC has currently taken a turn for the worst and ne...Read More
[Week 23] Mystery Box - October 19, 2016
This week's mystery box has been released! The following items may be obtained inside of it:     Bloody Commando Cap and Costume (All female classes)   ...Read More
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - October 19, 2016
Status: Online Maintenance is complete for this week. Servers are now back online. We will be performing Faction Changes again starting next week. Mystery Boxes hav...Read More
Security Concern - October 14, 2016
We have decided too change our password policy here at VGN regarding game accounts. Due to recent events I have taken this opportunity in changing our password policy and have d...Read More