Welcome to Scarlet Blade Vendetta
GS Applications - [28/03/2017]
Hello everyone!   We are now opening up Game Sage applications for Scarlet Blade!   These applications will be open for 1 week prior to this posting in ord...Read More
Website Downtime - [27/03/2017]
Hey Everyone, We will be having some website downtime sometime today whilst the hardware for the machine is checked. Apologies in advance but it will affect SB logins for a ...Read More
[COMPLETE] Maintenance - [28/03/2017]
Status: ONLINE The server is now coming back online. You may now log into the game again! Mystery Box items have been updated with a newly rotated set. Thank you...Read More
Secondary Password Reset Tickets - [28/03/2017]
Hey Guys, Just a heads up, we will not be processing secondary password resets requests at this time. We're currently in the process of creating a new system for this servic...Read More
[Week 39] Mystery Box - [24/03/2017]
This weeks' mystery box! The following items may be obtained inside of it:   Arctic Commando Gear (All Classes) Arctic Commando Cap (All Classes)   ...Read More